Zion National Park Engagement


Finally getting to shoot Zion was like meeting a celebrity for the first time. Haha no joke! I have seen photos of Zion engagements and elopements 10000x on insta and dreamed of the day when I could meet this Zion face to face and stare into the eyes of that valley as the click of my shutter echoed through the red canyon walls. Not only was it not what I expected, but it surprised me how much I would love this place!

When Megan and Walt asked me to shoot their wedding in the spring of 2020, we instantly started talking about what they wanted to do for their engagement session. Megan had seen some of my destination shoots before and it barely took any convincing to get these two out into the desert. Last fall (2018) I had another engagement shoot out in Zion we ended up cancelling because of a giant oil spill on the only highway out there from Vegas and rerouted to Valley of Fire which turned out AMAZING, (You can see it here) but I had to let go of my chance to see Zion….Until now.

We booked our trip to Zion and 2 months later we were on our way!